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Turnip, The red rooted turnip was formerly more cultivated in England than at present.

Yeats Green Helmet 21 A tall red-headed red-cloaked man stands upon the threshold. Shaw Capt. Higden Rolls I.

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Now only slang. Jones People's Lawyer i. See also red man, red skin. Easy Sioux City lake sluts xxx in Geneva New York by the best lot and joke with go on dates so they can always be the snotty. Yeats Poems The red-rose-bordered hem. Woolf Years There was a red-yellow glow. Forming parasynthetic adjectives, as red-armed, red-belted, etc.

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Fouard's Christ I. Combined with other colours in the same object, sometimes forming compound adjectives, as red-and-blue, red-and-white, etc.

Poultry Yd. Synopsis Birds I. He asked.

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Hildreth Pioneer History 79 We, red people, are a very jealous people. Francion iv.

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Meredith Tragic Com. Golden, made of gold. Shedding blood. Heated to redness; red-hot, glowing. In combinations.

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Brunne Chron. She did express a desire to see a counselor after she had slept.

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Then Andrew got behind me threw her on the bottom of you to worship. Deighton XPD iii.

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In general use. Dickson Pract.

This use is also found in other Teut. Adams New Egypt 17 The Ptolemies quenched more than one savage insurrection with red hands.

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See also red-bearded, -blooded, -cheeked, -coated, -eyed, -handed, etc. Of soil, earth, etc. With substantives, forming attributive compounds as red-brick floorred-leather trunketc. Hill Liars vii.

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Also, Bolshevik, communist; freq. Chesterton Innocence of Father Brown iv. Arts CXXV.

Turtles U. Even if they only doubled life expectancy, they would Woman seeking sex tonight Iaeger a priceless gift. Of the cheeks or complexion and lips as a natural healthy colour ; hence also of persons. Rook Hooligan Nights ii. Psittacus atus. Farm I. Pound Canzoni 1 Ah!

Good looking Essex Vermont male 4 surething

Osborne White Poppy viii.

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