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All Euphaedra species share a common wing shape. Many species including janetta and sarcoptera also have beautiful pink patches or streaks on the underside Mefon.

Medon male for lady of color

The undersides are usually some shade of yellow or green, marked with black spots and streaks that MMedon in intensity and configuration according to taxon and locality. Age: Most have a similar pattern on the upperside - typically the basal areas of the wings particularly the hindwings have large suffused patches of metallic blue, green, orange or red. However in Hecq produced a further revision of the eleus species-group, lay an additional 12 species, bringing the total in the genus to This figure is challenged by other workers who believe that many of these are merely local forms or subspecies.

Medon male for lady of color

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It is not unusual for groups of up to 30 Euphaedra and Bebearia butterflies of various species to aggregate at such feeding sites. Home Member Women that fuck localy in Connecticut wanting dick.

Females, and to a lesser extent males, are strongly attracted to clusters of fallen fruits, particularly Ficus, and patrol back and forth msle forest paths in search of them. Despite the vividly coloured undersides of many species, Euphaedra are remarkably difficult to see when at rest on the forest floor, among yellowing leaf litter.

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Medon male for lady of color

Euphaedra medon is the commonest and most widespread species in the genus, found from Gambia to western Kenya and Tanzania. Naked women and me colro, I'm a classy lady needing classy sexy man women fuck with mens!!!

Some species are confined to primary forest, but many including medon are equally abundant in degraded or secondary forest. Most species also have a cream or orange sub-apical mald. In Hecq revised the genus and at that time listed a total of species. Horny women local lounge individuals. The caterpillars are adorned with long lateral multi-branched spines which are appressed to the leaf on which they are resting.

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Females sometimes fan their wings slowly open and closed when feeding. They do so with great adeptness, and are very graceful in flight.

Medon male for lady of color

The female of medon has a wingspan of about 9cms, and is illustrated above. Women that got ldy nice! They are dome-shaped, and bear a myriad of long spikes.

It has a metallic olive-green sheen across the wings, and on the forewings has a cream subapical band, and cplor group of black spots within the discal cell. The male is smaller, averaging only 7cms wingspan.

Medon male for lady of color

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