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Curse of the gypsy woman - part two

She threw herself back on the bed, her enflamed tits rocking, and spread her legs, exposing her pink gash. Their melon solid tits throbbed electrically, the firm flesh trying to resist its inevitable compression. I chose to deal with you myself because I had heard that you were a woman much like me. The woman slid into the seat across from Karen and, still smiling pleasantly, WWomen the two glasses with whiskey.

The two women approached each other, hands on their wide hips, chests thrust out, eyes challenging and burning with anticipation.

Women seeking hot sex Gipsy

Pics available on request. Do you dare to test your strength against mine?

Karen was caught off guard by the sudden disengagement and was left feeling momentarily bereft, and desperate to re-establish the mutual cunt-eating that had broken so abruptly. Their perfect, sweat-slicked bodies slammed together even tighter. Her pussy was sopping wet, her abdomen smeared with the juices she had shared with Yolanda. She is looking for her first female encounter.

She kept her eyes locked with Karen's, waiting.

Women seeking hot sex Gipsy

No pressure fun is what we are about. Their contrasting hair was Wmoen. Karen kicked off her cowboy boots, then rose, equally sinuous in her movements.

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Her mighty arms bulged with effort, her biceps knotted and bunched. Yolanda's Womenn arms slid around Karen's back and her fingers knotted together. Karen could not believe how good this felt. By the end of the struggle, she and the gypsy girl were both naked, locked together passionately, muscles twined, their bodies straining against each other in the most primitive ways.

Women seeking hot sex Gipsy

Karen was aware of the incredible hoh power of the woman before her. But she also suspected Yolanda had much more experience wrestling, and Karen had still managed to win. They rolled in the dust for what seemed like forever, their cries of rage and hate and effort growing ever more desperate.

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They crushed tight, and Yolanda worked her hips and ass, drilling herself into Karen. But other matters remained unresolved.

Women seeking hot sex Gipsy

She had no doubt that Yolanda had much more experience sexfighting than she did. They groaned in unison as sec locked together in a mutual bearhug. She now stood absolute nude before the gypsy Queen, ready to wrestle. Karen felt her thick brown nipples hto against the fabric of her blouse. But she had received a message asking her to meet a mysterious party to discuss a business deal at the old town saloon.

Their wet pussies slapped, their thick cunt lips squashed and merged and slid against each other in the slickness of their mutual lubrication. They shared tongues and spit, even as they aligned their beautiful, voluptuous bodies again.

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Their massive, solid breasts heaved and strained powerfully against each other, struggling to crush each other down. Yolanda glared back in anger, but she had to accept the outcome.

Women seeking hot sex Gipsy

For long minutes the women writhed together, their massive tits crushing and rolling and slopping up and down on their chests, their nipples stabbing firm titflesh, then tangling and twisting together, their moans and cries of ecstasy growing sharper and louder. Her clit was long and hard, bigger than she could ever remember before, and throbbing with a maddening intensity.

Their stiff brown nipples crushed together and throbbed with heat and sensation.

Women seeking hot sex Gipsy

Yolanda had fought many gypsy wrestling matches before, yet never had she ever felt such a strong spirit as she now felt in Karen. Their sensitive, perspiration-glazed titflesh pressed tight and melted together, their deep cleavages squashing tight and forming one deep crevasse between their struggling bodies. Their muscles hardened ever more as the hatred between the two women grew.

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She knew she had to outlast Yolanda, she knew she had to force the gypsy woman to an unbearable orgasm first. Karen had managed to force one final roll, taking the top position again. Yolanda shrieked with pleasure, throwing back her head to howl at the ceiling, her eyes wide and unfocused. Karen and Yolanda twined their powerful, naked legs together.

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They pushed head to head, struggling to crush the other back. The gypsy queen returned the grip just as hard, refusing to surrender.

Women seeking hot sex Gipsy

Clearly, she had seen the cowgirl in the distance as she approached. Yolanda drew a line in the dirt with the toe of her left foot, stepping across it sdx her right foot.

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Karen smiled as their eyes met. She was wearing a long, red skirt that reached almost down to her shapely ankles. Karen screamed in despair as sfeking felt her body slowly fill to the breaking point with sexual pleasure; the raw sensations were indescribably wonderful. Still, Karen knew she had won.

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